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Vein and Vascular Treatment


If you suffer from bothersome and unattractive leg or facial veins, portwine stains, unsightly scars or even rosacea, we have som terrific news for you!


We have recently added a remarkable new piece of high tech equipment to our office that will allow us to treat these vcascualr conditions with more dramatic results than ever before! We're now usuing the Cynosure Cynergy vascular laser system, powered by their most advanced MultiPlex technology. This innovative new dermatology cosmetic laser uses two different laser wavelengths to target and treat vascular lesions with unprecedented success.


Whether you have blue, red or purple veins that are results of too much exposure to the sun, genetics or aging, we can now virtually eliminate them comfortably. Each treatment session lasts only ten to twenty minutes and after all the treatments are completed, the targeted vessel will slowly and naturally disappear. 


After just a few treatments with the new Cynergy vascular laser system, you'll be saying, "Now you see them, now you dont!"


for a consultation regarding treating your leg or facial veins with out new Cynergy vascular laser system, please call (413) 650- SKIN to schedule an appoitment.

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